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You can now search Google using just emoji

Words, pah, there’s so 1927. If you really want to live a modern existence, you need to communicate solely using emoji.

Thankfully, as well as being able to add the little pictograms to your texts, emails and social posts, you can now use them to search Google, seriously.

Fortunately, it’s all painfully simply. Just tweet an emoji @Google, and the search giant’s Twitter account will automatically respond with a light-hearted GIF and a link to search results based on the emoji you tweeted.

Throw down a burger emoji and you’ll be offered by burger joints near you. Drop a football emoji, however, and you’ll be given the latest Premier League scores.


Google has reportedly created instant interactions for more than 200 different emoji, ranging from nearby food suggestions to how to get to the local bank and even where you can pick up a Christmas tree on the cheap.

What happens though when, inevitably, the ruder emoji make an appearance?

Fortunately, Google’s dodge a sense of humour failure and played along with our immaturity.


Send a somewhat phallic aubergine emoji and you’ll receive recipes for babaganoush, enter a poop emoji and you’ll get results for local flower shops, while the derriere design of the peach emoji will throw up lyrics from Destiny’s Child’s track, Bootylicious.

Oh, you guys, your bants are too good, winky face, thumbs up, tongue out emoji.

You can give it a go for yourself now by tweeting @Google with an emoji of your choosing.

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What emoji did you try send to Google? Let us know in the comments.