Xiaomi teases its folding phone a second time

Xiaomi hasn’t forgotten about its impressive-looking folding phone prototype. First seen in a video back in January, it’s now been teased again by the official Xiaomi account on Chinese social network Weibo.   

We can only assume that Google Translate’s version of the accompanying text – “When working overtime, it is recommended to choose a double folding screen with instant noodles, which is better” – loses a certain something in translation.  

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This is actually a shorter glimpse than we saw last time around, but it’s still worth seeing. The ten-second clip shows the phone starting out as a 4:3 tablet before being folded twice to settle in a more familiar-looking phone shape.

As with the first video, Xiaomi’s take on Android seems to quickly adapt to the phone’s shifting dimensions, and it all looks rather smooth – though how it behaves in the real world is a whole different matter, of course.

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Unsurprisingly, the ten-second video leaves us none the wiser as to when we’ll actually hold the thing, let alone be able to buy one. In fact, the only new bit of information here is that the USB-C port sits on the bottom of the phone, which is hardly the most exciting revelation.

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All thesame, it still looks like one of the neatest implementations of folding technology we’ve yet to see, and while people will inevitably begin to pick holes in the first-generation folding phones you can actually buy, it’s nice to have something like this that can only be seen in its best possible light. If you want to imagine further, these 3D renders should give you plenty to chew on.

Is the double fold the future for foldables, or are other phone makers doing it better? Let us know what you think on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.