Xbox One: Backwards compatibility not for the masses, Microsoft claims

Microsoft has explained its decision not to offer backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on its newly-unveiled Xbox One console.

Xbox 360 titles won’t work on the next-gen console due to the new processing platform, which has led to derision in some quarters form hardcore 360 fans.

However, Don Mattrick, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, said the vast majority of gamers won’t be worried about playing old titles, once the Xbox One arrives later this year.

He told the Wall Street Journal that only 5 per cent of console owners have played old titles on backwards compatible consoles in the past, including the Xbox 360, which can still play original Xbox classics.

He said, cuttingly: “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.”

Thankfully, the Xbox 360 isn’t going anywhere and the company will continue to sell the console alongside the Xbox One, which should please those who get plenty of joy from current-gen titles.

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Yesterday’s announcement that Microsoft has 15 exclusive launch titles in the works may also prevent 360 gamers from becoming too hung up on the past.

Is the lack of backwards compatibility something that will factor into your decision when choosing between the PS4 (which will eventually offer access to old games over the cloud) and the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Via The Verge