Windows 9 Start Menu screenshot leaked

A fresh screenshot of the Windows 9 Start Menu has emerged online, giving us a look at how the hybrid version will function.

Microsoft gave us a brief look at the revamped Start Menu during the Build developers’ conference earlier this year, but since then we’ve heard nothing about the highly anticipated feature.

Now, two allegedly genuine screenshots have been spotted on Myce, showing off the new Start Menu as part of the desktop revamp supposedly coming next year with Windows 9 Threshold.

Although Microsoft is currently labelling the developers’ version as Windows 8.1 Pro, it’s reported that this will be Windows 9 when it launches sometime in 2015.

As you can see below, the hybrid Start Menu hasn’t changed much since we saw it shown off at Build, but it’s a great look at what we can expect with Threshold.

On the right hand side, Metro style apps are pinned to the menu, while the traditional applications appear on the left hand side.

Apparently, in some versions of the current Windows 9 in development, the Start Menu will expand to fill the whole screen similar to the Start Screen of Windows 8, but a lot more keyboard and mouse friendly.

The second screenshot, also shown below, gives us an idea of the changes being made to Metro-style apps, allowing them to run on the desktop in full screen or windowed views.

Microsoft’s idea is to make Windows 9 have a far stronger focus on the desktop and therefore the core Windows userbase who use keyboards and mice to navigate their computers rather than touchscreen laptops, hybrids or tablets.

Windows 9 Threshold is expected to be shipped in early 2015, potentially with major improvements to the Xbox One user interface and a combination version of Windows RT and Windows Phone for mobile devices.

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Via: TheVerge