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‘Wildly unpredictable’ battery life earns MacBook Pro an unwanted distinction

The Apple MacBook Pro’s ongoing battery issues have made it the first MacBook ever to miss out on a ‘recommended’ rating from the influential Consumer Reports website.

The site said battery life ‘varied wildly from one trial to another’ during tests on three different models and, as a result, can’t recommend it to readers.

For instance, the report claimed the 13-inch TouchBar model lasted 16 hours on the first trial and sank to 3.75 hours on the third trial.

While CR’s input is by no means the be all, end all, the verdict is significant, given the fact every MacBook to date had received the recommendation. The report called the issue a ‘real departure from past MacBooks’.

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It’s still unknown precisely what is causing the huge variances in battery life.

A report from Ars Technicha claimed it may be down the dedicated GPU sitting within the MacBook Pro, rather than extra strain caused by the TouchBar.

Earlier this month Apple removed the long-standing ‘time remaining’ battery estimate from macOS Sierra, but all this seems to have done is slightly mask the issue.

A startling report from Bloomberg this week suggested Apple had plans for an advanced battery that fit the shape of the MacBook Pro’s innards.

However, according to the sources, it failed tests and Apple opted to resort to a previous design rather than delay the release.

In better news today, Spotify updated its macOS app to support the TouchBar as well as the auto-pause AirPods feature.

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