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Wikipedia may be building a search engine after all

Wikipedia has revealed details surrounding a $250,000 grant to explore the possibility of building a search engine.

The Register has obtained information from the Wikipedia Foundation, disclosing how the money from the Knight Foundation will be used.

The cash go towards completing stage one of the “Knowledge Engine,” which internal documents describe as “a system for discovering reliable and trustworthy information on the internet.”

Conceptual designs for the discovery platform leaked onto the internet this week (pictured).

According to the report, the initial stage will be to prototype future versions of the Wikipedia.org website to incorporate the engine, while also embedding it within devices.

According to Wikipedia’s own risk assessment, the biggest threat to such a service would be Google or Yahoo deciding to do likewise.

The news comes just a day after Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales describing the possibility of the foundation doing a Google as “a total lie.”

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He said: “To make this very clear: no-one in top positions has proposed or is is proposing that WMF should get into the area of general “searching” or to try to “be Google.””


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