Watch: Hoverboard world-record flight caught live on camera

The world record for the longest hoverboard flight has been completely obliterated by a French jet ski champion.

The old record was set by Canadian Alexandru Duru back in May 2015, when he flew an impressive non-stop distance of 276 metres.

But Duru has now been usurped by Franky Zapata, who managed an incredible 2,252-metre flight off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins in thesouth of France.

Zapata broke the record on April 30, 2016, achieving the feat on his own invention: the Flyboard Air.

Check it out:

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The Flyboard Air can reach a maximum height of 3,050 metres, according to Zapata, and has a top speed of 150km/h.

During his record attempt, Zapata was noted to have flown around 30 metres above the water at a maximum speed of around 70km/h, as reported by Futurism.

Speaking after the win, Zapata reportedly told press: “This has really been a life’s work.”

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