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Visceral Games: “We elected not to do co-op” in Battlefield Hardline

Visceral Games has confirmed it “elected not to do co-op” for Battlefield Hardline, in order to focus on perfecting single and multiplayer.

Battlefield Hardline, delayed until early 2015, could be a great game for a bit of co-operative multiplayer, thanks to its American cop drama themes.

However, developer Visceral Games decided not to incorporate the feature because it wanted to focus on getting the single player and multiplayer ready for launch.

“We elected not to do co-op because we had our hands full with trying to do a full multiplayer campaign and the single-player campaign,” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on Battlefield Hardline. “Rather than just taking on extra stuff that we might not be able to get to quality, we elected to just focus on those two major components.”

Talking about the Battlefield single-player campaign at a special preview event, Papoutsis was keen to stress that the multiplayer and single-player portions of the game have equal focus from Visceral – despite the studio’s strong association with story-heavy games like Dead Space.

“We’ve put a lot of emphasis into our multiplayer component. Today we’re showing single player, so that makes single player more of an emphasis in this meeting today. But our single player campaign is part of a full, rounded package video game and we’re putting a lot of effort into making that as good as we can.”
“I think, I just want to be clear that we’re putting equal emphasis onto both parts of it. The multiplayer is a significant portion of the game. So in terms of the single player for us, we’re just trying to mix up the formula a little bit so that our game stands out and feels like a significant and legitimate entry into the Battlefield franchise. So that people don’t feel that it’s just a reskin or something like that. We’re putting a lot of effort into making a triple A game.”

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