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Vaio announce the SX12, a tiny laptop with loads of ports

VAIO has announced a new laptop, the SX12, a laptop that combines a 12.5-inch screen with about 6 000 different ports. 

“6000?” I hear you say, looking up from your 2019 Macbook Air with two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. I’m exaggerating slightly, of course, but only slightly. There are three USB-A ports, a USB-C port, a full-size SD card slot, a headphone and mic port, an Ethernet port and even, check this out, a VGA port. Just in case the owner accidentally time travels back to 1998.

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This is the follow-up to VAIO’s own S11 laptop, but with a bigger screen and keycaps wrapped up in the same size chassis.

It’s not all ports, mind. The SX12 is packing an 8th gen quad-core Intel I5 or i7 processor and it only weighs 888 grams, disproving the theory that thin and light laptops can’t do connectivity, a theory started by Apple’s reluctance to put any ports on anything.

Still, all of that is the good news. Here’s the bad: right now the SX12 is only going on sale in Japan, and will cost between 119,800 yen (£880 or so) and 216,800 yen (£1600). However, there’s no word on if and when it’ll make it to the UK or even the US. We’ll just have to hop the laptop and its frankly stupendous amount of ports makes it over at some stage.

Several other machines from the VAIO range in recent years have made it out of Japan, so with some luck that’s what will happen here. It’s not just ports it has to offer, too. While that’s definitely the most appealing thing from the outside, the gear it’s packing under the hood could make it a solid performer for the price, although you would have to wait for the official Team Trusted verdict, of course. You should know that by now.