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Upp, the hydrogen fuel cell battery booster hits the UK

Forget hydrogen powered cars; you can now can charge your gadgets using the emissions-free energy source.

Looking to combat power-hungry smartphones and tablets while looking out for the planet, Intelligent Energy has launched Upp, the first portable battery booster to utilise power from hydrogen fuel cells.

Upp represents the start of the next generation of energy devices, a signal to the portable electronics market that consumers are ready to adopt transformative technologies,” Dr Henri Winand, Intelligent Energy CEO said in unveiling the device.

He added: “Consumers want energy independence as the demand and reliance on portable devices accelerates.”

Although a sure fire sign of things to come – we can’t keep burning fossil fuels forever you know – Upp proves that the cost of saving the planet is one which isn’t too kind on your wallet.

Hitting the UK through Apple Stores and the company’s own website, the Upp starter pack – which pairs the fuel cell charger with a single hydrogen cartridge – will set wannabe owners back the princely sum of £149.

What’s more, given that you can’t simply plug your hydrogen cartridge into the wall to recharge, replacement energy packs are needed.

As well as unwanted legwork and hassle – you have to go to specialist exchange locations – refilling your cartridges will cost you £5.95 a pop. Additional hydrogen cartridges will set you back £49.95 each.

So, what are the benefits? Well, aside from being greener than traditional battery boosters? Upp stores a lot of charge. Each hydrogen cartridge should be able to keep your smartphone going for a full week.

Upp can be used to charge all USB powered devices, including wearables and digital cameras.

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