Ultra Street Fighter IV version 1.04 patch brings animal costumes to the fight

Ever fancied donning a bird outfit before starting a fight in Ultra Street Fighter IV? Soon you’ll be able to, using the version 1.04 patch.

Capcom has spilled the beans on the free update. As well as adding the animal costume DLC for some fighters, it will bring a number of fresh modes to the game, such as Omega Mode. This modifies all 44 characters and gives them new moves.

It’s just meant to be a bit of fun though, so don’t worry about it skewing the game too much. Hence it will be restricted to unranked matches. All official Capcom tournaments will stick to Ultra mode, which is a lot more balanced. So you won’t lose your score.

There are plenty of other new features too.

Edition Select Online lets you pick any version of your favourite character from any version of Street Fighter IV. New Training Mode trials sees you take on all the trials for Yun, Yang, Oni, Evil Ryu, Hugo, Elena, Decapre, Poison and Rolento. It will include updates for characters whose battle balance changes made some of their previous trials no longer possible.

Plus it will change the roster of players, and fix the Vega and Yun bugs.

The company has said the update will land “shortly after Capcom Cup”. Seeing as that takes place on December 13, we’re expecting it just before Christmas.

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