UE Boom 2 lasts all day and is waterproof

Ultimate Ears, the audio brand owned by Logitech, has unveiled a new version of its 360-degree portable speaker, dubbed the UE Boom 2.

The Bluetooth speaker, which is about the size of a water bottle, projects sound in all directions, making it perfect for listening with a group of friends.

This second-generation version is 25% louder and has an extended wireless range of 100ft, although we assume that this is the “line of sight” maximum range.

It’s very much a go-anywhere kind of speaker, as evidenced by the fact it’s waterproof (IPX 7 standard) and dropproof from up to 5ft high. The IPX 7 rating means the UE Boom 2 can be immersed 1m deep in water for 30 minutes.

It will last for 15 hours on a full charge, and the water-bottle design even means it will sit happily in a standard-sized bottle hold on a bike.

UE has also added new controls, so you can skip songs on the speaker in addition to adjusting the volume.

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Interestingly, you can even combine more than one speaker by connecting two together using a new app, and UE promises future updates can be sent via the app to the speaker to keep it future-proof.

Decent portable Bluetooth speakers can be pricey, but the £169 ($199) asking price of the UE Boom 2 seems reasonable if it delivers where it counts.

It’s available to buy now in six colours – Cherrybomb, Yeti, Phantom, GreenMachine, Tropical and BrainFreeze. In English this translates to red, white, black, green (with blue bits), orange (with purple bits) and blue.

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