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Titanfall 2 trailer: Teaser posted by EA

A teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 has been posted by EA.

The trailer is just 49 seconds long, but will undoubtedly be enough to get fans excited.

The footage features what looks like a crashed escape pod, with voice over of a South African man, saying “don’t try so hard, you might live longer”, then a Titan with a large blade appears to Cut open the pod. Then a series of flares – which were used in the previous game to signal Titanfall – fall to show the logo of the game.

Take a look at the trailer yourself:

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The worldwide reveal is listed for June 12, which is during E3, the same day as EA’s “EA Play” event kicks off in LA and London. PS4, Xbox One and PC are also the platforms listed in the video description, confirming the game’s switch to a multiplatform launch following its predecessor’s Xbox One-exclusivity.

TrustedReviews is VERY excited for the release of Titanfall 2, with its predecessor representing one of the most exciting evolutions in the first person shooter genre on current-gen consoles. What about you? Are you prepared for Titanfall? Let us know in the comments below.