This smart carry-on case with a laptop tray may have perfected luggage

So, you get to the airport and you want to fire off a few emails before jumping on the plane. What do you do? Sit uncomfortably with a laptop on your lap and elbows at your side? Or crowd around one of those workstations with all the kids charging mobile devices?

If you have the sleek Barracuda carry-on bag, you do neither; you pull out and unfold the ergonomic work tray and rest your laptop right there in front of you.

The tray also features a pair of cupholders if you’re simply enjoying a beverage or two with a friend before boarding.

The latest addition to a growing smart luggage sector also features a USB port for early charging, giving you even less cause to sit on the floor hogging a power out before you take off.

The collapsable case also features a GPS chip and Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy too track down your luggage if it goes awry.

On top of all that tech, the Barracuda also features a twistable handle grip, which sounds like it’ll mean less lassoing it around your head whenever you have to manoeuvre it around.

The Barracuda earned $2 million in crowdfunding and now it’s available for the public to order (via The Verge).

The company is offering $50 off the asking price as well as a free digital scale and free shipping. However, even with the discount its still a pretty hefty $299.

The Barracuda, which doesn’t actually look like the sexiest case in the world, will now compete with similar products like cases from Bluesmart and Raden.

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