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This retro console claims to play all the games ever

Meet the Retro Freak, the retro console that claims it is capable of playing all the games ever.
This little white box promises to play Famicom, SNES, Genesis, PC Enginge, TurboGrafx-16. Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color and even Supergrafx games.
The idea is that the Retro Freak comes in two parts. There’s the actual console, which takes the form of a small box and offers all the graphics gruntwork.
But, there’s also a giant adapter of sorts where you can plug in all the cartridges, with the console sliding in beneath the adapter itself.
The console portion has various settings that let you change video and conversion/upscale options. You can even get built-in cheat support.
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The Retro Freak also supports USB controllers, meaning you can plug in just about anything.
What’s also interesting is that you be able to install games from a cartridge onto the console itself, which also seems to have a microSD card slot for your saved games.
There doesn’t seem to be a NES slot though, before you get too excited.
According to manufacturer Cyber Gadget, the Retro Freak is currently only getting a Japanese release though.
However, we’re praying to the Gods of Gaming to give us a western release, or a cheap import and a set of Japanese lessons.
Retro Freak