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There’s no OnePlus 8T Pro this year – and that doesn’t matter

The OnePlus 8T has finally been unveiled and if you were expecting a OnePlus 8T Pro alongside it then prepare to be disappointed.

While OnePlus has got into a routine of launching a Pro model alongside its cheaper offering, the 8T sits alone as the only phone announced today (we’re not counting the new colour for Nord) and we aren’t expecting an 8T Pro to join at a later stage.

The OnePlus 8 Pro will remain on sale and it’s still the only choice if wireless charging, an IP rating and QHD+ display are musts on your wishlist.

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For us though, this isn’t a problem as the OnePlus 8T more than stands up for itself. It offers a notable upgrade over the OnePlus 8 and even impresses more than the Pro in a number of areas. This really feels like the best of both: the price of the cheaper model with many of the Pro features.

Take the 65w charging for example. We’ve fully reviewed the OnePlus 8T and the speeds at which this phone can go from 0-100% are incredible. Roughly 40 minutes gets you a full charge, while 15 minutes gets you halfway. Impressive stuff and far better than the 8 Pro. The included charging brick is also capable of juicing up some laptops and a Nintendo Switch at full speed, making it a nice addition to your bag.

The OnePlus 8T nabs other previously ‘Pro’ features, like the 120Hz panel. We’d even go as far as saying we prefer the screen here, as it’s flat and slightly smaller. There’s also faster storage RAM and storage, and of course 5G support and the Snapdragon 865.

With this phone, and the previously announced affordable Nord, it feels like OnePlus is back where it should be. Offering high-end specs and features at a comparatively fantastic price, rather than trying to compete with the likes of Samsung, Huawei and others at the true high-end.

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We’ve spent a week with the OnePlus 8T, with our review praising the phone for having seriously good performance, an ace screen and Android 11. Our verdict reads, “If you want pure performance, an excellent screen and some of the fastest charging around then the OnePlus 8T should be near the top of your list. The lower than usual for a flagship price makes it an even more tempting prospect. “