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The ‘Switch’ in Nintendo’s new console doesn’t apply to the battery

We’re only a couple of weeks from Nintendo’s long-awaited January event, which should answer all of our questions about the forthcoming Switch console. However, until that time, folks will continue to pull pieces together.

In the last 24 hours, the Switch console has taken a trip through the FCC in the United States, which may have revealed it will not have a removable battery.

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Provided this is how things remain in the retail version, it means users won’t be able to install higher capacity battery packs, if the cell shipped with the console proves insufficient.

While this isn’t exactly a huge surprise (the 3DS battery is non-removable too), it could be significant.

Nintendo overcame complaints about the Wii U’s GamePad by releasing a high-capacity battery that stretched the reliability to over 8 hours.

Switch users won’t be able to repeat the feat, it seems.

However, we must point out the filing documents a prototype rather than the finished article, so there’s still a chance Nintendo could switch things up at the last minute… so to speak.

We’ll know for sure when Nintendo fills us in on January 12.

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