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Square Enix shows off DirectX 12 tech demo with seriously impressive graphics

Square Enix has taken to Build 2015 to show off a DirectX 12 tech demo with some seriously impressive graphics.

During a special Build Developers’ Conference 2015 presentation, Square Enix showed off a real-time tech demo that uses DirectX 12, the new Windows 10 based API.

The real-time in-game footage has been produced in conjunction with Nvidia and Microsoft and gives us a glimpse of the gaming graphical enhancements to come in the future — including to Final Fantasy XV.

Titled Witch Chpater 0 [cry], the demo features Agni, the character who previously appeared in Square Enix’s tech demo Agni’s Philosophy.

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“Our team has always pursued cutting-edge pre-rendered and real-time CG,” explained Hajime Tabata, head of the next-gen tech research product and Division Exec of Business Division 2 at Square Enix. “As a part of the technical development, we created this demo using world-class, real-time CG technology with generous support from leading-edge software and hardware providers — Microsoft’s Windows 10/Direct X 12 and Nvidia GeForce GTX.”

“The efforts from this project will power future game development as well as Final Fantasy XV, currently a work in progress.”