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Spotify streaming figures top 25 billion hours of music playback

Spotify is the music industry’s leading streaming service, and it’s been racking up some pretty impressive usage figures in recent times.

Speaking at the launch of the company’s reworked service, Spotify Founder and CEO Daniel Ek revealed that the market-leading Tidal rival has recorded more than 25 billion hours of music playback to date.

“We’ve already streamed more than 25 billion hours of music since the launch of Spotify 7 years ago,” Ek announced.

Quantifying this near unimaginable figure, he added: “That’s nearly 3 million years of tunes for those of you that are counting.”

Amazing, despite the latest groundbreaking milestone, Spotify’s usage figures continue to rise, with individual users streaming more and more music.

“The amount of music that the typical user is consumer is growing all the time,” Ek said. “A huge amount of that growth comes for the discovery, curation and social tools that we’ve included over the past couple of years.

“All of this helps people find the music they love.”

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Despite facing increased competition from the recently relaunched Tidal, Spotify is expanding its footing as the industry’s leading audio streamer.

Spotify now represents half of the global market in streaming dollars but we’re also growing our market share,” Ek revealed.

“After years of decline, music is ready to grow again, streaming is the growth in music and Spotify is the growth in streaming.”

Spotify’s refreshed platform offers more intuitive discovery options, basing music suggests based on users’ actions and activities not simply genres they are listening to.