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Spotify Connect for Computers enables smartphone remote control

Spotify has launched a new feature that lets you control your desktop Spotify app with your smartphone.

The move comes as part of a Spotify Connect update, and allows you to connect your Spotify experience on your computer and phone or tablet.

As the official blog post that accompanies the update points out, it’s perfect if your laptop is hooked up to your speakers, giving you full remote control of your music selection. You’ll need to be a paid subscriber to get the feature to work, of course.

All you need to do to set Spotify Connect for Computers up is to ensure that both your smartphone app and computer app are fully up to date. Then, log into Spotify on your phone or tablet and play any song. Now tap the Now Playing bar and hit the Connect icon. Select your computer from the list, and you’ll be in business.

What seems to be simple feature has actually taken quite a while to come about. Spotify Connect launched last September, allowing you to share music from smart devices to compatible speakers over a shared Wi-Fi connection, but it’s taken more than a year to add this latest computer support.

Spotify has been in the news a lot recently, and not for particularly positive reasons. Taylor Swift has been the latest high profile artist to condemn the service for its perceived unfair rate of artist renumeration, withdrawing her entire back catalogue (including current smash hit album 1989) from the streaming service.

Perhaps she’ll change her mind now that she won’t have to get up off the couch to skip the track playing on her computer, eh?

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