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Smart home tech gets even sillier, now there’s a fart masking air freshener

There are few more dreadful feelings like letting one slide out, only to realise your expelling of noxious gas is about to singe the nostril hairs of fellow inhabitants.

However, what if simply by using your phone you could just as quickly mask the aroma of last night’s dinner by activating a scented air freshener?

That’s (sort of, but not really) the pitch of Moodo, which is currently seeking your backing on Indiegogo.

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The smart device can harness up to four fragrance capsules at a time and will even allow homemakers to create “fragrance playlists” depending on the event or the time of day.

By mixing the crystal filled capsules like Precious Spices, Eucalyptus Nights and Sandal Wood, there are over 400,000 scent possibilities, which were created by a “leading French perfumer.”

The makers, Agan Aroma, say users will be able to create scenes like wood cabin or ocean breeze and save them to a profile.

Users will be able to control the emissions from each in the same way they wood a graphic equalizer for a speaker, adjusting levels for the different smells.

Of course, you can like an share the scent you’ve created. Of course, men around the world have been already doing that for years.

Early bird backers can snag a Moodo with four capsules for $139, while two device with 48 capsules are $518.

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