Sky Q is finally available to buy, but what is it?

We’ve been waiting for Sky’s new TV service for months, but no more!

Sky Q is officially available to buy in the UK, marking the advent of the company’s next-generation TV service.

Retail of the Sky Q began at 9am today – February 9 – and is up for grabs online or over the phone.

Sky Q doesn’t replace the existing Sky+ HD service; instead, it sits above it with a £44 per month base price.

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There’s also a £99 setup fee, but you only have to pay that once.

It’s worth noting that those prices only apply if you’ve already got a Sky Broadband, Sports, or Movies package. Otherwise, the upfront cost quickly climbs.

For more information on charges, check out our Sky Q price guide.

Sky Q

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So what’s new about Sky Q? It’s got a few new features, but the main ones are:

  • The ability to record four programmes simultaneously while also watching a fifth
  • A new remote control (with a touchpad)
  • Add-on Sky Q Mini boxes for wireless TV streaming, for a fee
  • Support for 4K/UHD content (not available at launch)

A note on that last bit: if you want to play 4K, you’ll actually need to invest in the pricier Sky Q Silver box, which costs £56 every month.

Check out our Sky Q hands-on video below:

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