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Show your love for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with this tiny bag and hair pins − just £80 each!

Samsung has announced that you can now purchase a bag that’s been specifically made for the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung says it’s perfect for fashionistas looking to add a “touch of convenience to their style” and, at £80, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s an absolute steal.

Samsung announced the launch of the bag − or, to give it its full name, the Samsung + Ashley Williams micro bag − over the weekend, a few days after revealing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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The ‘micro bag’ is available in either purple-and-white or lilac-and-white, with the same racer check pattern, and is part of Ashley Williams’ (no, not that Ashley Williams) new collection.

It’s made of vegan leather and measures in at 10.5 x 9 x 2.8cm. If you thought that was so small as to render it a bit pointless, Samsung says you’re wrong, and if you think otherwise you clearly don’t ‘get it’.

“The micro bag trend hit headlines last year fuelled by moments like Lizzo’s red carpet shut-down at the AMAs, but many commented about the bags being ‘too small to be functional’”, said Samsung.

“This limited edition bag will provide the perfect solution for fashionistas looking to add a ‘little’ touch of convenience to their style.”

See? Stylish and convenient. And clearly not “too small to be functional”. If you don’t own a Z Flip, it’ll be perfect for carrying around a bag of M&M’s. Though, naturally, it would have to be one of those small packets.

Ashley Williams is also flogging an “iconic” £80 pair of Galaxy Z Flip hair pins, one of which reads “GALAXY”, the other “FLIP”. A “SAMSUNG” option would have been nice, but we haven’t spotted one.

“It’s always been important for me to push boundaries with new collections, so I loved creating my first ever micro bag designed for a smartphone,” said Ashley Williams (still not that Ashley Williams).

“I’m constantly searching for new inspiration to influence my work so I was really excited to see that the Galaxy Z Flip has such a sense of nostalgia about it – evocative of the 90s flip phone era – which led me to design the bag with my racer check print.

“The folding clamshell design is perfect for taking the phone with you on-the-go, wherever you are. It’s ideal for my creative process as I like having access to a camera at all times to capture visual inspiration I encounter day-to-day, to inspire new designs and collections.”

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Samsung UK’s director of innovation, technology and services, Kate Beaumont, added: “Working with one of London’s most forward thinking contemporary designers, Ashley’s bold vision has allowed us to create something truly unique and relevant together, that transcends the world of technology.”