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Ryse: Son of Rome confirmed for Xbox One

Ryse: Son of Rome has been confirmed as an exclusive launch title for the Xbox One.

Crytek’s new third person game will be a God of War-esque affair set that lets gamers play as a Roman Soldier, rising to a general who can lead an army of warriors into battle.

The upcoming Xbox One exclusive was given a long demonstration during the Microsoft pre-E3 press event, showcasing the game in full for the first time.

“You will step into the boots of Roman general Marius Titus,” said Cevat Yerli, President and CEO of Crytek.

A long time in the making, Ryse: Son of Rome could only be realised in full with the Xbox One console.

“With the amazing power of Xbox one and the latest Crytek engine we are able to create this vision,” added Yerli.

The game will be fully playable at E3 2013, so we’ll be giving you more updates soon, but from the trailer it looks like the player can command an army, potentially using Xbox One Kinect voice commands.

A gladiator-style game, the Ryse: Son of Rome gameplay trailer showcases a battle taking place on the shoreline. Fireballs are thrown at troops from a tower, fighting enemies and offering QTE button prompts for finishing moves like rather graphic decapitations.

The goal was to destroy the tower and defeat various archers poised on the fortified wall, but the demo is cut short before we reach the goal.

Potentially the start of the game, the shown footage could be part of a tutorial, but that is unclear for now.

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