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RestOn is a non-wearable sleep monitor

A good night’s kip leaves us more alert, healthier, and more ready to face the day. But too few of us regularly get one. RestOn is here to help.

It’s a sleep monitor that rewards you points based on how well you slept, so you can measure how well-rested you are. Not only that, it also gives you advice on how to sleep better, such as making the room darker and cooler, for example.

Here’s how it works. You put it under your sheet, and the magnetic lid fixes it to your bed, and turns it on automatically. Because it’s less than 2mm thin, you shouldn’t notice it when you get into bed, and there are no clunky wearables to strap on.

It records your heart rate, respiratory rate and how restless you were, and sends the info to an app on your phone, so you can review your night’s kip. It then gives you personalised advice to help you sleep better.

You can share your sleep data with people, though why you would want to do that is beyond us. The video is a bit odd as well. We can’t work out if they’re hamming it up for laughs.

In the future, the app will play nice with Apple’s Health Kit, Google Health and Microsoft Health.

It’s certainly an interesting approach, and we like that it’s not a wearable. How it’ll cope with two people in the bed remains to be seen though.

It’s already exceeded its funding goal on Indiegogo, and the first units should start shipping next month.

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