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PS4 region free status confirmed

The PS4 region free status has been confirmed with Sony executives taking to Twitter to make the announcement following last night’s E3 2013 press conference.

Ensuring the console is not limited to specific regions and offering gamers the ability to get their mitts on the device wherever in the world they are, Sony has revealed the PS4 region free status alongside confirmation of its price and further features.

Taking to the micro blogging social service, Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Sony Worldwide Studios, responded to fans’ questions on the next-gen console, stating simply: “Yes, PS4 is region free.”

Not done with his revealing Tweets, Yoshida went on to confirm that the PS4’s 500GB integrated hard drive will be able to be switched out and upgraded with minimal fuss.

Speaking via his official Twitter feed, he stated: “Yes, PS4’s HDD is upgradeable like PS3.”

Two features that see Sony trump bitter rival Microsoft, the Xbox One will neither allow expansion of its own 500GB hard disk drive or be region free.

Elsewhere Sony has seemingly taken the advantage over Microsoft in the next-gen gaming wars. With both company’s revealing their respective PS4 and Xbox One prices, it has emerged that the Xbox One will be £80 more expensive than its PlayStation branded rival.

With both consoles set to hit retailers later this year, the PS4 price has been set at £349 in the UK. The Xbox One price will see wannabe owners fork out £429 in order to make use of the Kinect brandishing gaming fun.

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