Pizza Hut’s playable DJ box probably sounds better than its pizza tastes

Today’s gimmicky pizza-related tech tie-in comes from the good folks at Pizza Hut, who have created the “world’s first playable DJ pizza box.”

The battery-powered box actually features working, touch-sensitive decks, that have been printed onto a standard pie transportation vessel.

The decks, created by printed electronics experts Novalia, hook up to a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth and are also compatible with software like Serato DJ.

The touch-sensitive controls make it possible for greasy-fingered disc-spinners to mix tracks, scratch and rewind as well as control pitch and volume.

Pizza Hut is giving away a limited number of them at 5 of its UK restaurants.

The purveyors of chain pizza are advising interested parties to keep an eye on @PizzaHutUK for more details.

Meanwhile, here’s Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra showing us how it’s done.