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Only one in ten Android users is running the latest version – and that’s a big problem

Google has released figures showing that just 10.4 percent of all Android installations are running Android Pie, the company’s newest operating system.

This is the first time Google has revealed stats on how many people are using Android Pie, the newest version of the mobile OS that was released for a select few phones back in August 2018.

However, many are still using last year’s model, Android Oreo, which was released in 2017 and has a fairly significant 28.3 percent of the userbase. 2016’s Android Nougat has 19.2 percent of the audience.

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While these figures are decent for tech adoption, Android’s mobile OS is a significant distance behind Apple’s iOS adoption rates. iOS 12 for example, took just 23 days to be installed on 50 percent of supported devices.

The problem for Google here is that if users aren’t getting the latest operating system then they’re still at risk of some nasty security flaws. Outside of the tentpole features that Google promote each time there’s a new Android release, there are also hundreds of exploits, bugs and vulnerabilities patched out.

So, users that aren’t running the latest version of Android OS for their device could be unwittingly exposing themselves to a bunch of ne’er-do-wells.

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The other headache for the Big G is that as long as a significant chunk of people keep using this older operating systems, the longer the tech giant will have to support them. The sheer mass of different Android devices makes this a more difficult process, especially with so many different releases out in the wild.

The as yet unnamed Android Q is releasing later this year, presumably in August. Team Trusted’s advice would be to upgrade to the latest version of Android, Make it easier on yourself, and Google, when it comes to keeping your phone safe.