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OnePlus opening first shop

Up and coming smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has opened its first ever physical shop – but it won’t be any easier for you to obtain a OnePlus One.

The manufacturer’s first retail outlet will opinion December 20… in Beijing.

With the company only offering a single smartphone model, the OnePlus One, reports from China reveal that the shop will mainly be focused on accessories like cases and headphones. However, it will also offer a wider shopping experience, with a water bar and customer training offered on-site.

It’s expected that OnePlus will open more shops in future, but these will probably remain China-only.

Jumping on a plane to Beijing four days before Christmas might sound like an extreme way to obtain an admittedly excellent phone, but it might beat existing OnePlus shopping methods for some.

Up to now, you’ve only been able to obtain a OnePlus One if you’ve received an invite from a current owner or through a OnePlus promotion, or if you’ve been on hand during one of the company’s limited pre-order windows.

The OnePlus One itself is a 5.5-inch 1080p smartphone that runs CyanogenMod – the highly customisable open source Android modification created by a community of enthusiasts.

It’s most notable for offering a still fairly premium Android experience for just £220 – provided you can get your hands on one, of course.

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Via: Engadget