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Nevo is a minimalist smartwatch with a Swiss movement

Most smartwatches look more like gadgets than fashion accessories, but Nevo joins the ranks of classy, stylish timepieces that also pack smart skills.

While it employs Swiss craftsmanship, it also boasts a host of smartwatch skills like activity tracking and notifications from your smartphone. Using the app, you can set a daily goal, whether it be number of steps, a certain distance, or number of calories burned. As you edge towards it, the LED numbers on the watch face light up, showing your progress. Just press a button, and you’ll see how close you are.

It syncs to your phone over Bluetooth, and vibrates when you have an incoming call or text message. You can’t read said alerts on the watch, however. But seeing as most of the smartwatches with this functionality do it badly, that’s no great loss.

You can also set the watch to vibrate as an alarm or a reminder.

It takes two watch batteries – one powers the time keeping, and lasts for around five years, the other powers the smart features, and lasts for about six months. Just swap them when they die, which means no charging, ever. Which is refreshing when most smartwatches need juicing up daily.

It’s initially available in three colour schemes named Paris, New York and Shanghai. It comes with an Italian leather strap and a rubber one for exercising.

Throw in Swiss movement, and you’ve got one of the more desirable smartwatches we’ve seen. It’s already passed its funding goal on Indiegogo, and should start shipping in March.