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Forget foldable phones, LG’s ‘rollable’ 4K OLED TV will go on sale in 2019

LG’s amazing rollable television could be in your living room in 2019, with reports suggesting the groundbreaking, space-saving set will go on sale next year.

LA Times sources say the OLED television, which rolls up just like a projector screen without the need for a projector, will graduate beyond the show floor at CES 2019 to a full production run.

According to the person familiar with the matter, the 65-inch set will retract back into its shell at the touch of a button, which is sure to appeal to viewers who either want to transport their television, or don’t want a 65-inch set dominating their living room.

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The last we saw of the set was at CES 2018, when the company announced the larger prototype, complete with a 4K resolution. Previously, we’d only seen an 18-inch set.

LG has not yet commented, but the report says LG is relying on this tech, and OLED televisions in general, in order to revive flagging sales. Sales of OLED TVs are still comprehensively outnumbered by LCD sets, with only 1.1% of sales overall, according to Statista.

However, the data tracking firm says sales of OLED screens are projected to grow up by to 70% in 2019. Such a novelty device could bring new eyes to LG’s already stellar OLED range, but there’s sure to be a heavy price to pay when the company eventually launches the screen.

Elsewhere in the report, the sources say LG is preparing to launch its first 5G phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. That too will be available in the first half of 2019, according to the report, with the Sprint network in the US already in partnership with the Korean firm.

The report also says LG has no plans to bring a foldable smartphone to MWC, despite previous speculation it may seek to upstage the Samsung version.

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