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LG Optimus G2 confirmed with Q3 UK release date

LG has confirmed a previously unannounced flagship phone, with the LG Optimus G2 tipped to hit UK markets later this year.

Set to be a rival to the imminent Samsung Galaxy S4 arrival, LG has confirmed that it will launch a new flagship Android handset in the UK in Q3 2013, with the upcoming device to act as a successor to the company’s current LG Optimus G model.

Offering an insightful and tantalising glance into the company’s future smartphone strategy, Won Kim, LG’s Head of Mobile Communication for Europe openly declared “the LG Optimus G2 is coming in Q3, yes.”

Despite confirming the upcoming device, LG has remained cagey around the handset’s potential spec sheet, stating: “We don’t want to hide everything but similarly we don’t want to promote everything about the G2 in advance”

Speaking with TrustedReviews, Mr Kim added: “To some extent we have to tease the features and specifications through channels, it is somewhat premature for me to talk about the G2 in terms of specifications.

“G2 is going to be something different, something unique and we have needed to be very creative.”

Describing the UK smartphone sector as a “battleground” for leading handset manufacturers, LG has hinted that the LG Optimus G2 will be the company’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, claiming the device, which will be afforded a global rollout, will help it regain footing on the UK smartphone scene.

Although confirming that an LG Optimus G2 release is on the horizon, LG has suggested that the device might not fall under that name, claiming branding is still up in the air.

“We have a naming strategy, we haven’t made a final decision on naming,” an official spokesperson for the company stated.
Offering final confirmation of the handset’s upcoming arrival, Mr Kim added: “There is something unnamed that is a G2.”