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Lenovo Smart Cast is a smartphone with a built-in keyboard projector

Lenovo has just announced a smartphone with a built-in keyboard projector.

The Chinese company is currently holding Lenovo Tech World, its first global technology event. A number of new products and concepts have been announced, but perhaps the most intriguing is the Lenovo Smart Cast.

Lenovo calls the Smart Cast concept its solution to making the smartphone “more usable, more PC-like.”

It’s done this by fitting a fairly normal-looking phone out with an adjustable laser projector (as well as a kick-stand). Combined with infrared motion detector technology, it allows users to beam a full-sized keyboard onto a flat surface, as well as an expanded virtual touchscreen.

Alternatively you can simply use the in-built projector as, well, a projector and beam movies onto the wall. The potential for fully mobile presentations is also clear here, while at the other end of the scale it could make for some fun (if simple) gaming applications.

Video chats, too, could receive a boost by beaming the call onto a wall whilst allowing the smartphone’s display to be utilised for other, more productive things.

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If you’re wondering how responsive and accurate this technology is, Lenovo apparently brought on pianist Lang Lang to play a rendition of The Entertainer with a virtual keyboard (this time the musical kind) beamed through the projector.

This being a “concept product,” there are no further details concerning the Smart Cast at present. But the fact that the technology is up and running is intriguing enough.