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Lemmings and Pac-Man are the quirkiest MacBook Pro TouchBar apps yet

Whether it’s turning the TouchBar into Kitt from Knight Rider or creating a playable Piano, there have been plenty of unlikely apps for the new MacBook Pro TouchBar.

However, the previous weekend heralded the arrival of the quirkiest applications yet (via Macrumors).

A 15-year-old developer has created a playable version of Pac-Man controllable via the arrow keys.

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Henry Franks made the app available to download via GitHub and it requires gamers to traverse a single horizontal line without being eaten.

You can see it in the video below (via Mashable).

Meanwhile, you can also play Lemmings thanks to a freely available app from developer Eric Olsson.


The evergreen puzzle game celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. What’s old is new again!

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Which games would you like to see reincarnated on the MacBook Pro TouchBar? Is it a suitable medium for gaming? Share your suggestions in the comments below.