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Kokoon EEG headphones help you sleep anywhere

If you struggle to get some shuteye, Kokoon could be the headphones for you. They’re the first designed to help you sleep.

For a start, they’re more comfortable than most. Their FlexMould comfort system moulds the cans to the natural contours of your head and spreads pressure away from the sensitive regions. The result? A pair that are as comfy to wear as a pair of slippers.

The electronics are in the headband rather than the ear cups, too. This means they achieve the lowest possible profile, and help maintain the natural shape of the head in bed. Gel cushioning makes them extra comfortable. In other words, it won’t feel like you’re using a wooden crate as a pillow.

They won’t get hot and sweaty either, thanks to the air circulation system.

But it’s when you get to the app that it gets really clever. Tiny EEG sensors sit within the headphones and monitor how asleep you are. It then adjusts the audio volume and equalisation as you fall asleep, so you’re not woken when a song reaches a REALLY LOUD BIT.

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The app also has a built-in alarm, so you can wake yourself from your slumber. It even advises on the replenishing properties of each type and duration of nap – two hours for a power nap, say, or one hour for a recovery nap.

They fold down to the size of a book, and are made in conjunction with audio specialists Onkyo. They’ve soared past their $100,000 funding goal, and should ship in February next year.