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Premier League is warning Kodi users away from illegally streaming its football matches

More clamping down on Kodi is underway as the Premier League has take moves to ward off illegal streaming of matches through Kodi boxes.

The warning comes in the form of a court case brought by the Premier League against internet hosting provider Ecatel and its facilitation of illegal streams of the League’s football games.

A Dutch District Court in The Hague ordered Ecatel to stop providing services that can be used for illegal streaming of Premier League matches or otherwise face a €1.5 million, anti-piracy organisation FACT reports.

The court action was taken by the Premier League after Ecatel apparently ignored warning to stop hosting servers that were being used for illegal streaming which were infringing upon its copyright.

And the action appears to be a shot across the bow to any other internet services that facilitate the illegal streaming of Premier League football.

“This is a crucial judgement for the Premier League, and for other sports and rights holders. It sends a clear message to rogue server and hosting providers that by facilitating illegal streams they themselves can be subject to legal action,” said Kevin Plumb, Premier League director of legal services.

“An injunction and financial penalties of up to €1.5 million is a clear warning to others operating in this area, and provides the basis on which we can now take action against other dedicated server providers or illegal ISPs across Europe as part of our global protection work.”

While Kodi does provide access to legitimate streaming services, there are other parts of its open ecosystem that are more legally grey. And is would appear that some organisations are taking a very dim view on having their content streamed by an illegitimate source.

As such we wouldn’t be surprised to see more companies and organisations like the Premier League take further actions to curtail illegal streaming through Kodi.

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