‘Jesus cares about Pokemon Go players,’ says Birmingham church

Have you been to church recently? Spotting young people among the worshippers is like trying to find an Articuno while playing Pokemon Go on a stroll to the shops.

As such a Birmingham church, which had become an unwitting PokeStop, is looking to cash in on the craze by welcoming Poketrainers into their house of worship.

City Road Methodist Church has placed up a sign saying “Jesus cares about Pokemon Gamers,” inviting folks into its Pokemon Go gym.

“You are welcome, visit us again for Sunday morning worship at 11am,” the sign reads. “Join us for a cup of tea after the service at 12.15.”

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Speaking on ITV local news church steward David Hallam said the church had “embraced” the game after the congregation was baffled by players turning up to play at the church.

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To be honest, at first I thought he was just a random nutter. This man was sitting on the doorstep absorbed in playing the game on his mobile phone,” he said (via Birmingham Mail).

“He was there half-an-hour before the service began and still there afterwards. Despite being invited to join the service or have a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards he continued to play the game over a period of two hours.”

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