Instagram set to introduce multi-account support

Facebook owned Instagram looks set to introduce multi-account support, enabling users to post to different feeds without logging in and out.

The latest version of Instagram’s beta app for Android enables the feature (via Android Police), which will be super handy for those with more than one account.

Currently users have to manually log out of the app and back in again, or make use of mods like Instwogram, if they wish to switch accounts.

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If the feature makes it to the main app, as seems very likely, it’ll make life easier for those who have personal and work-based feeds to update.

Likewise, if you like to keep your sunsets separate from your selfies, the filter-friendly app will soon have you covered.

It isn’t available on iOS right now, but the new beta version is available from the Google Play store now, if you sign up as a tester.

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