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Huawei claims that the Mate X is doing just as well as the Galaxy Fold

Huawei has moved to one up Samsung’s latest boast that’s it’s shipped over 400,000 Galaxy Folds.

According to Yonhaps News agency, the head of Samsung’s mobile business told a group of CES journalists that the company sold 400,000 – 500,000 Galaxy Folds last year. That’s a very respectable number when you consider the myriad of problems that plagued the mobile’s launch.

Completely coincidentally, a new report has emerged from Sina that shows the sales figures of Huawei’s Mate X (via PlayfulDroid).

According to this handy little document, Huawei ships around 100,000 Mate X handsets each month – an eyebrow-raising number, given that the handset has only been around since November and is exclusively available in China.

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The Galaxy Fold had a global release back in September, which was pushed back from its originally-planned May launch. If 400,000 models have been sold since September, then the Galaxy Fold must also be selling at roughly 100,000 models per month.

Huawei’s Mate X  – according to our resident phone fondler, Max Parker – is a slick little gadget that “folds seamlessly” and comes with a host of high-end features. Like the Galaxy Fold, it boasts 5G and 512 GB storage. It is, by all accounts, a very impressive piece of tech.

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But it also costs €2299, which is considerably more than the £1900 Galaxy Fold. Are buyers really forking out an extra £300 for this phone? And why do you people want a flimsy foldable in the first place?

It the numbers are off, it wouldn’t be the first time that foldable sales figures have been botched. Samsung had to hastily correct a quote last year after its president Young Sohn said that 1 million Galaxy Folds had been sold – when in fact that figure referred to a company sales target.

We’ve reached out to Huawei for comment.