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Google’s Chrome 64 update help users easily mute annoying autoplay videos on web pages

Google is pushing out a Chrome 64 to Windows, macOS, and Linux machines ushering in a new feature that allows users to mute intrusive auto playing videos on web pages.

Plenty of sites have videos embedded in them that’ll start playing automatically when a web page is loaded or the video is scrolled over. This can range from being perfectly acceptable to some to vary annoying to others.

But with Chrome 64, users can simply right-click on a tab and select the option to “mute tab”. This will permanently mute any audio on the web page, meaning users can happily navigate back to the page and not have to re-mute it. If you do fancy getting the audio back, it’s just a simple case of right-clicking on the tab again in the Chrome browser and then unmute the site.

It a pretty elegant solution to a problem that can be a bit embarrassing if a website starts balring out audio when you’re browsing in an office or in a public area.

Google has also added in a few other bit to Chrome 64 including a suite of security fixes, notably to defend against the Meltdown and Spectre bugs.

And Chrome for Windows 10 also gets high dynamic range (HDR) support, though it is reliant on the machine running it to have a dedicated graphics card, an HDR monitor or display, and access to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

These small tweaks look to extract more use out of Chrome without having it make Google’s popular browser clunky to use or too cluttered with user interface elements.

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