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The Honor Magic 2 3D has a release date

It doesn’t seem so long ago that the Honor Magic 2 launched, but already the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is planning a slightly souped-up remix.

The new version – the Honor Magic 2 3D – is expected to be broadly the same as its predecessor, but will ship with a 3D scanner on the front of the device. According to GSMArena, this will track 10,000 points and work in the dark forface unlocking. Honor president George Zhao revealed that the handset is due to launch on March 7 in a post on Chinese social network Weibo.

Other than the boost to the front-facing camera setup, it’s pretty similar to the Honor Magic 2 we reviewed before, with the same 7nm Kirin 980 chipset, although both the RAM and storage space get a welcome bump to 8GB and 512GB respectively.

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It will be keeping the same slide-out camera mechanism of the vanilla Honor Magic 2, too, meaning it packs more screen and less bezel than your average smartphone. But as Max wrote in his review of the original handset, this is very much a mixed blessing, with the slider mechanism becoming something of a magnet for dust and grime. “The reflective chrome-like finish only highlights it,” he wrote.

Despite not being optimised for Western audiences – excusable given it was only available on import – Max was quite positive about the original Magic 2 overall, thanks to its strong performance and “wonderful screen.”

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However, given his warning that it wasn’t the best performer at its price point, the rumoured increase on the 3D model will likely make it a tough sell. While the original starts at 3799 (~£430) yuan, the new model is rumoured to cost 5799 yuan – or £656.

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