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Here’s how Huawei plans to take on the Google Play Store

Huawei has finally revealed how it plans to get round the ongoing Android ban, blocking it from using the Google Play Store.

Specifically, Huawei has announced new developments to App Gallery. This is the app store it hopes will replace Google Play Store. The store faces key problems, because it cannot supply users with the familiar Google apps that they have got used to, but Huawei’s solution seems to be to advance convenient changes to the software, improve security, and encourage developers to introduce their popular apps to the system.

While all of these are laudable aims, the reliance upon Google apps from many users will still make Huawei phones a tough sell, so its immediate future seems limited in the Western market; however, in other markets which are less inextricably bound with Google’s services (such as Russia and the Far East), the App Gallery might have a better chance of breaking through.

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In more detail, Huawei has said that it will introduce a new “Quick Apps” system to the App Gallery which requires no installation and minimal system memory; you will simply click the app to interact as it it were installed like a traditional app. Over 1,700 apps on the App Gallery will offer this option, which Huawei has dubbed “a new category for 5G era”.

As for security, Huawei has said that they curate the quality of apps to protect users from malicious software (something Google has been criticised for lacking when it comes to the Play Store). The protections that Huawei offers includes real-name verification for app developers, a four-step review process for new apps, download and install protection, and secure app operation.

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On top of that, Huawei has been “actively engaging” with developers of popular apps around the world; for all the innovation mentioned in the previous two steps, this is really the key to the App Gallery’s success, as customers will naturally want to install their favourite apps on their smartphone. However, there’s no news yet as to whether popular apps like Facebook or Twitter will join the platform, which leaves somewhat dimmer prospects for its future success.