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Griffin’s BreakSafe is the first must-buy MacBook accessory

Apple is known for innovation, and on its latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models, that’s somehow lead to the discontinuation of one its best innovations, namely the MagSafe connector.

The proprietary port allowed users to plug in a power cable, which used magnets to form a sturdy bond with the laptop itself, while also ensuring the cable easily disconnected from the port if it was pulled on or tripped over.

It was a simple but extremely effective way of ensuring expensive MacBooks didn’t get destroyed by clumsy co-workers or family members tripping over the cable.

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But although the connector has been done away with in favour of slimming down the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models, there’s hope in the form of Griffin’s new BreakSafe cable.

As the new model laptops use USB Type-C connections to charge, the cable itself is a fairly standard USB-C cable, but it comes with a MagSafe-like connection built in.


Users can leave the main connector plugged in to one of the USB-C ports on their laptops, and use the magnetic connector to attach the cable.

It works in almost exactly the same way as the former MagSafe connection, and looks like a fairly simple way of bringing back a much-loved feature to your MacBook.

However, the MacBook, unlike the Pro model, only has one single USB Type-C port, so leaving the BreakSafe connector plugged in will leave you with no other ports for using other Type-C devices.

Still, it’s a minor drawback for those intent upon ensuring their laptop stays safe, and the cable can, of course, be used with other devices such as the Google Chromebook Pixel and the Google Pixel C.

If you’re convinced by BreakSafe, you can pick one up now for £29.99/$39.99 direct from Griffin.

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