Google Play Movies adding 4K flicks, beating iTunes to the punch

Google Play Movies will begin offering 4K content next month to coincide of the launch of the new Chromecast Ultra dongle.

Mentioned almost as an afterthought during the #MadeByGoogle keynote on Tuesday, it may turn out to be one of the more significant announcements of the event.

Currently, Google’s YouTube is one of the main repositories for 4K content, along with Netflix and Amazon Prime, but there’s currently very little out there in the way of full movies.

The addition of 4K content to Play Movies will expand content not only for owners of the new £69/$69 Chromecast Ultra but also for other devices on which the Play Movies app is available.

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Notwithstanding a surprise announcement from Cupertino, Google has also beaten Apple to the punch in this regard as iTunes it yet to offer 4K movies to customers.

This is likely because the Apple TV set-top box was mysteriously released last year minus the ability to stream UltraHD content.

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Google did not expand on the specific movies that will be available via the store in November. However, we’ll bring you the line-up when it becomes available.

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