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Google Maps Street View can now be embedded in websites

Google has added the ability to embed its Street View and Photo Sphere map tools into websites.

We’ve been enjoying the benefits of Street View since it launched (in the US at least) in 2007. It lets you see real images of the streets you’re navigating in Google Maps, correctly positioned according to their real-life coordinates.

However, in order to use Street View you’ve always had to navigate to Google Maps itself. Whilst Google Maps can be freely embedded in websites, the Street View tool has never come as part of the package – until now.

Over on the Google Geo Developers Blog, Google has announced that Street View and the related Photo Spheres have been added to the Maps Embed API.

This means that you can now embed Street View images into your website. What’s more, these can be freely rotated and interacted with just as you would on Google Maps itself.

To share, all you need to do is go to a location in Google Maps on a web browser and enter Street View. Then, click on the settings icon in the bottom right hand corner and select Share and embed image to get the appropriate embed code.

Using Street View in this way is free of usage limits, too.

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Via: TNW