GM outs long-range ‘affordable’ electric car, coming 2017

The future of cars is undoubtedly electric, but price is still a barrier to entry for many.

General Motors has confirmed plans to build an “affordable” electric car, set for production in 2017.

The vehicle will be a five-seater, and will be manufactured by Opel, the company’s European division.

It’s set to be named the Ampera-e, and will be very similar to the existing Chevrolet Bolt, currently pegged for the USA.

The announcement – first reported by Reuters – was made by GM CEO Mary Barra, who said:

“Like its twin, the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the Ampera-e promises to transform the electric vehicle market in Europe as the first EV that combines long range at an affordable price.”

chevrolet bolt2017 Chevrolet Bolt interior

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According to the report, the Ampera-e will offer “a greater electric range than the vast majority of electric vehicles currently available in Europe”.

GM also noted that pricing details would be provided at a later date.

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