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Facebook introduces GIF support, cue the comedy cats

We now have yet another reason to waste our time on Facebook.

The social network now supports GIFs, allowing you to watch the hypnotic, animated images in your news feed.

However, you can’t upload them. In order to post a GIF, you need to paste a link to one stored on a different site, such as Imgur or Giphy. It will then be pulled through by Facebook and appear in all its glory.

Furthermore, you can now also comment with a GIF, by going through exactly the same process.

A Facebook group has already been set up, acting as a home base for fans to post some of their favourite GIFs.

Some play automatically, while others require you to click on the image, which is subsequently opened in a new tab.

Beloved by many, we’re guaranteed to see our feeds dominated by the moving images over the next few weeks. Memes are old hat now.

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Students stuck in the middle of exam season will undoubtedly be pleased with the development…