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Dropbox will soon let you send some seriously beefy files

Dropbox Transfer is a new feature that lets users upload files of up to 100GB to the file-sharing site. You can then share the files simply by sending a link – even to non-Dropbox users.

Dropbox’s new Transfer feature is currently in testing, and is intended to solve two issues – email attachment file size limits and creating faster file-sharing without needing to tinker with collaboration options. Dropbox Transfer also offers some nifty options for making sure your files have been seen.

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Dropbox already let you share links to files with others to enable collaborative working – however, Dropbox Transfer offers a more direct approach. Dropbox Transfer lets you simply upload files for the purpose of transferring and nothing else. Dropbox users can also just move files from their account into Transfer to save uploading time.

Dropbox users can then send off a link to anyone and they will be able to download the files. When sending the files, Dropbox Transfer will ask users if they want to add an expiration length, a password and if they’d like to receive a notification when the files are downloaded.

If you want the files to accessed by multiple people, there’s helpful information on that too. Dropbox Transfer will display how many times the link has been viewed and how many downloads have occurred.

Dropbox Transfer also offers options to make your transfer look more professional or on-brand. Users can customise the background of the page downloaders see when they visit the link, as well as the option to add a logo.

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Dropbox isn’t the first to offer a service like this. WeTransfer is a popular file-transfer solution but only offers transfers up to 2GB – meaning it’s completely dwarfed by Dropbox Transfer’s 100GB limit.

The Dropbox Transfer feature remains in a beta testing phase but is expected to roll out to all users soon.