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Cortana UK will be fluent in British sarcasm and dry humour

Brits who get a little too playful with the Windows 10 Cortana digital assistant will receive a sharp sarcastic response, Microsoft revealed on Monday.

The new version of Cortana for Windows 10 (and iOS and Android) has been equipped with plenty of ‘personality traits’ based on the culture of the country she happens to be operating in.

This cultural knowledge will enable her to communicate more effectively with users in different markets, Microsoft explained in a blog post (via TechCrunch).

“For example, Cortana understands how highly the UK values self-deprecating humour. Dryness and irony are traits that filter subtly into her personality, and she uses playful sarcasm in her responses if she senses you’re fooling around.”

“In Italy, Cortana is proud of national identity. Cortana will use words like “our” in responses to customers, and even sings the national anthem when asked to sing a song.

“Cortana is also aware of important cultural touchstones in each market. In France, Cortana celebrates the Cannes Film Festival. In Canada, Cortana loves hockey, and in India, Cortana celebrates cricket star and national hero Sachin Tendulkar. And in Japan, a high level of politeness is valued; Cortana will bow by default.”

Microsoft says this cultural knowledge is especially apparent when users ask her to tell as story or a joke.

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When Cortana first arrived in the UK for Windows Phone, she did so with a British accent, so we’re intrigued to see just how well she’s enable to replicate the humour too… No, really… We are.