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Cocoon: the home security system that avoids false alarms

We’ve seen a few home security systems seeking crowdfunding, but this one promises to avoid false alarms.

It tracks the smartphone of everyone in your house to know who’s home, so won’t mistake your nan for a burglar. (Providing your nan has a smartphone.) This means there’s no need to set it before you go out or when you come home. Just leave it be.

You don’t need a sensor in each room either. Thanks to its Subsound technology, one sensor can pick up on activity in other rooms and even on other floors. It measures low frequency sounds (known as ‘infrasonics’) and is the same tech used to detect earthquakes and study rock formations deep in the earth.

It’ll get used to your pets too, so won’t think your dog is an intruder.

If it detects some kind of unusual activity, it’ll send a notification to your smartphone, and let you decide what to do next. You can sound the alarm, phone a neighbour to check up for you, or go straight to the police.

At any time, you can check in using the HD video streams on your mobile.

It learns your habits, so knows when something is out of the ordinary, and even has night vision, so you can see your room in the dark. Of course, the downside of only having one sensor is you can only see one room.

We’ll have to wait for a review unit before we can verify its claims.

It’s not far off its $100,000 goal on Indiegogo.

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